Monday, February 5, 2007

ZERO and Below!

Wow is it cold! I was very proud of the CrossRoads Community yesterday - who turned out in droves (what is a drove, anyway?) for our weekend program. A less committed bunch would have used the icey air as an excuse to sleep in or... go to a movie or something. Glenn did an amazing job communicating the heart of the Muslim faith -- everyone searches for God! I'm thankful for Jesus, the way to know God! Glenn's interview with Stevie Beal made it clear that Jesus is with us now -- yay God!

During second service, I got pulled out of my front row seat because "There is a man in the concourse who needs to see a pastor - now!"

So I meet with this veteran guy who spent the night before in his friends garage - because he's got no where else to go. Except his son's apartment. That's humbling for sure, but I think he'll do the right thing and hang out with family for awhile.

I told him that Cherry Street Mission serves meals -- CrossRoads has helped before -- and their meals are good!

I admire those volunteers who serve the burger with a smile, or who sit and talk with someone who is severely under-resourced and treat them with respect.

When you serve the homeless and hungry, you probably won't receive a commendation or reward, a trophy or be on a highlight reel -- but I hope you'll feel the warm smile of God who said "whatever you've done for the least of these, you've done for me."

Rise and Shine!

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