Thursday, September 16, 2010


Well, yesterday was good. I rode my bike, with saddlebags full of clothes, to Bucky's to breakfast with the men. After - I rode to church and changed my clothes - and had an awesome work day. We're rethinking the way we do groups around here, and elevating the value of community - and so I conducted a few meetings today with our small group leaders, brainstorming on a new way and emphasis. What a great group of people, who heartily jumped into the convo!
Then, back on my bike and a nice ride home - the long route, which took me by the skate park where I munched on a snack and worked on the sermon a bit. Then home for dinner.
Evening meetings filled up the rest of the day - but being in the sunshine a bit was way good.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

For Heidi

Well, Heidi rightly pointed out that I've not posted in "about a year!" and she then asked to at least post a picture of my nostril.

So, since Heidi is the only one that reads this blog... there ya go - enjoy!

So, Heidi - I will once again post regularly. I will tell of my running and biking.

Yesterday, I biked to work - I have new panniers, better known as Saddle Bags. I filled them with books, left my office and went to WaterStreet Coffee and enjoyed 3 hours of uninterrupted study in the outside cafe. Rode my bike home afterwards. Probably 18 miles total. Nice day.
Today, I ran 3+ miles to start the day, and then rode my fully loaded bike to work. Brought a change of clothes with me. Nice.
Last Friday, I rode 33 miles with Clarence, came home and then Mary and I went out for 16 more. We ended up at a nice little (and I mean little!) cemetery to share a coffee and snacks. Nice.
So that's it for now - see ya tomorrow Heidi.
Ya know, we could just talk by phone - but this will work!