Friday, November 30, 2007

Farewell My Friends!

Glenn and Nancy Teal. Pastor and First Lady of CrossRoads during the last 12 years. Helped the church experience amazing growth, by focusing on winning the lost. We outgrew the old and built a new building!

And now you are off on a new adventure! Spokane, Washington will be better off because of you! Enjoy the new ministry and have fun!

Thanks Glenn and Nancy for inviting us here to CrossRoads -- God bless you in a big way!

Christmas is Coming!

I wonder what it was like, that starry starry night when Mary and Joseph settled down in the stable. And then the cry of the newborn baby. I'm looking forward to our Christmas series beginning next week, here at CrossRoads: Signs of a Better Tomorrow. We'll look at all the amazing ways God told us that tomorrow is full of hope and peace. And that is true for us today!
Anyway, I'd have liked to peek in on the babe in the manger. That'd been cool!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Giving Tree

Wow - this morning at CrossRoads, God did some cool stuff!

Of course, we were all a bit nervous, wondering if the church could keep on, despite no Lead Pastor. But what a day! God helped us in all sorts of ways!

He met us through worship - Andrew and the gang provided some awesome music that just hit us right. We started a series called "Life to the Full: The Worst Case Scenerio Survival Handbook" and through that message, God spoke to all of us. The God who made a miracle out of David will make one out of you and me, too! Bring on the Giants! I love hearing from the "Roadies" at CrossRoads - how God has met and encouraged you! Yay God!
And the Angel Tree - we are setting records on how fast we run to the tree and invest ourselves in those hurting all around us. We should be "sold out!" by Wednesday. I guess this morning we chose over 150 kids to provide Christmas presents for this Christmas! Way to go, church!
What a great adventure this is!

New Birthday Suit

Well, it's not actually a suit - more of a sport coat. Mom and Dad got me this, from SteinMart. It's made by National Geographic, has 23 pockets and contorts into all sorts of cool things. This is some sort of zoot suit, ready for an emergency "dress up" moment, I guess. I look like I could work on a cruise ship!


Wow - what a week!

First, my birthday! I turned 44 on Tuesday the 20th and celebrated with a 13 hour day at the office. But what a fun day - staff meeting, interviews, Superintendent and staff for lunch and New Community at night!

And then, off to Mom and Dad's where the rest of the gang showed up on Thursday. What a feast! Mom and Dad outdid themselves. Turkey and ham and all the fixins!

Uncle Chris, well, actually my brother in law - he piled his plate high!

How fortunate I am - to be part of a family that loves each other. It's wierd, I guess, in these days, for a family (24 of us!) to actually enjoy being together! We really do love each other.

Of course, Mom and Dad set the tone. They've always loved - and liked each other!
We have much for which to be thankful! God is good -- all the time!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Crew

This is part of the crew - we spent quite a few hours up on this roof. I'm still thanking God that none of us fell. Remember: the "floor" of the house is nearly 10 feet up. One floor, another eight. And about 6 more feet to the peak. That's a long way to fall.
Thanks God!

Cafe' Au Lait and Bignets!

There is nothing, I mean nothing, like the amazing sugary bignets and cafe' au lait at the famous Cafe du Monde.
I especially liked how I took everyone there, claiming I'd pay.
The check arrived and I whipped out my world famous Discover Card.
"We only take money!" said our waiter.
Thanks Paul for covering us that night!

The Son Also Rises

Each and every morning, Dick Rollins made us get up early and watch the sun rise. We'd walk down our sidewalk, across the street, and sit on the beach. It was a beautiful work of art, each and every morning.
We'd all watch, and as the sun rose - we'd ooh and ahh, and say things like "that's the best one yet!"
I think God is pretty cool. Giving us new art, every morning to admire - to be reminded that He loves us.

What a Great Trip!

Wow - another great time, building new relationships and making new friends!
We built a little larger home then normal. Thomas Spencer's wife is claustraphobic - she's now living in Hattiesburg, about two hours away, while Thomas and his 8 year old daughter lives in the FEMA trailer in Pass Christian.
So, we built a little larger home - most are a bit over 1200 square feet. This one is 1800! Yay!
But what's really cool, as always, is this: going away with 12 or 13 people, and coming home with 12 or 13 family members.
I love all the people at CrossRoads - but there's something special about those with whom I've served.
So, we did the normal trip into New Orleans - and had the always amazing cafe' aulait and bignet's at the famous and always open Cafe' du Monde.
Wow -- thanks God!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Micah the Rock Star!

Check out Micah's first music video. I'll be looking for it on MTV. I didn't even know he was in a band!