Monday, February 26, 2007

GO 3-18

So, here's my friend Jon.
He's passionate about GOing and GOes like none I've ever seen!
Jon has led a couple of groups for me, to Pass Christian, and Gulfport - he's done an amazing job! Always organized and extremely upbeat even when times were tough.
Jon was GOing before Going was cool. Even before there was a GO Factor, Jon was busy helping the hurting wherever he could find them. In many ways, Jon keeps me GOing.
Oh, the above picture is when Jon met me at his new house in Tennessee. He insisted that nothing had changed just because he had moved south.
Here's the cool thing: Jon 'bleeds' the GO Factor. He doesn't have to think "hmmm, what can I do next" - he just does it. It's natural. He's always on the GO. He gravitates towards people with need, and then, he does everything in his power to change their life. Jon, always goes the extra mile! Whether it's helping the hurting, or making someone laugh -- he's ALL IN!
Why? Because Jesus changed his life. That's his motivation -- and it's a good one!
Way to GO, Jon!


larchmeany said...

Hey, Mark. Ran through your blog...I like what I see. Nice job. By the way, no amount of imagination will ever make Postum taste good. Ever.

larchmeany said...

By the way...I am adding you to my blogroll.

Crydo said...

Thanks for reading!
I check yours as well -- it's a fun read!

Jon said...

Yo Markus!

Thanks for the kind words...
You may want to avoid the state of Tennessee and parts of Kentucky on your way down to Florida this Easter. I have some friends there that would like to meet you.


Rick said...

This guy adds a whole new meaning to the ps. that says " we are butt dust."

Crydo said...

Butt dust!