Sunday, July 27, 2008


Pastor Kevin worked hard on a video that we used last weekend, as part of the message. It was very "tongue in cheek", mind you. The concept was, I will tell my story, because that's the story I know best - but my story actually reveals God's grace. So, while I may talk about me, it's really all about Him!
From now on, whenever I tell a story - one where I am a character - I'll be sure to connect the dots to reveal God's grace. You too?
Check out the video:
From now on, if you want to see any video we show at Portage Free Methodist Church, simply go to and search for pfmc!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

First Day at Portage FMC!

While this picture looks like the typical rectangular auditorium - it isn't. It's actually kind of square and a nice stage - a beautiful place.
I can't wait until it's filled with people. A building is nice - but one filled with image bearers of God is more than amazing! Tomorrow morning! BooYah!
Tomorrow I officially begin my ministry in Portage. I'll be preaching on the concept of story. Specifically: Stories worth telling. Here's the point: Your story is worth telling, because it reveals the grace of God.
Hey - you have a story - but it's really not about you. It's about God - and that just takes a little bit of looking. So look for God at work in your life - he's there!
I'm thankful he has been in my life - first wooing me towards him, and then filling and using me.
Thanks God!

The House We're Aiming At...

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Hey - we sold our home!

Yay to God! We accepted an offer, (Thanks Dan - you put the "Dan" back into "Danberry!") on a Thursday and closed two weeks and one day later! Wow!

And then, we went house-hunting in Portage. While we've been doing internet searches like crazy, this was our first day to actually go inside these homes.

Clarence - YOU ROCK! - took us through 11 of our favorite homes last Monday.

We came back on Wednesday to tour this one again.

I ran to see Greg at Bank of America and got my pre-approval for the loan and we made an offer on this house Wednesday evening.

So now, we're waiting.

Pray with us, won't you? We think this will be a fantastic ministry home and a wonderful place for our kids. Plus, Mary and I like it alot!