Friday, February 27, 2009

Daniel Fast

Well, here we are in the Daniel Fast.
Yesterday, McKenna asked me why we fast? Great question. Without thinking about it, one could fall quickly into some kind of "works righteousness" deal. You know, hoping that God will love you more because you're sacrificing. Or, a "this for that" kind of thing - "Maybe God will give me what I want if he sees how much pain I'm in..."
I like this explanation though: To gain control over my own appetites - so that nothing drives me except for God. Philippians 3:19 talks about how our god can be our appetite - and I've found that's pretty true. Lot's of things can become my god - even food! Mary makes fun of me for always having a pocket full of snacks, wherever I go. It's true. My car has candy. My pockets have candy. Every jacket of mine has something to munch on. Hmm - deep problems!
So - the Daniel Fast is reminding me that I can trust God, no matter what.
I'm still not sure what to do about the caffeine headache - but I'll manage.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Help Received

Well, I'm used to thinking, and writing about opportunities to help people in need.
I'm usually swinging the hammer, or using the duct tape - at least I'm holding someone's tool bag for them...
But this time, I'm on the receiving end.
The other day, I called Master Plumber Don Luke from Canton, MI - a great friend from the olden days... because I needed some advice on fixing a leaky faucet.
Don replied: "You can wait, and I'll come help you. Or, you could try to fix it, break it, and then call me and I'll come help you."
Since those were my choices I decided to wait. So this morning, Don and Annette were in town and they dropped by.
We talked, had some coffee, ran to the store, and in just a bit, had the sink and shower all perfect.
I say "we" loosely. Don did the work. I talked, drank coffee and held the duct tape just in case.
Just a reminder: Jesus said "Whatever you've done for the least of these, you've done for me." Sometimes it's okay to be the "least of these."
Thanks Don!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Cadbury Eyebrows from Nils-Petter Lovgren on Vimeo.

Fun at CTCA

Yesterday, was fun at the hospital. Mary's annual cancer checkup.
It was a great day...
Last minute, we called my folks and asked if they'd like to take a road trip with us - they did!
We got up early and left - nice relaxing trip to Zion, IL.
Mary checked in and then we all went to lunch (the hospital has an incredible restaurant, serving "good for you" meals - lot's of fish, etc. and the serve us FREE.)
Then, we sat and read for awhile. Mary had her first test.
Then we had a couple of hours until her next meeting. So, we went up to the third floor, where they have a beautiful, state of the art workout room, lot's of windows, weight machines, treadmills, etc. All of us worked out for an hour, then showered up...
The most fun part was each of us hitting the "suspended punching bag". It nearly knocked my glasses off when it hit me in the face!
Mary had her last meeting where the doctor said "All is perfectly well, you're the most healthy person I've seen today!"
Then, we went back to the dining area and had dinner (another amazing meal!)
Then, headed home - got back about 10:30 last night.
Fun day, even though it was spent at a hospital!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

DF is Coming Soon

I can't wait!

Jen is leading our church in the Daniel Fast - beginning on Ash Wednesday with an all church DF dinner and prayer time. This will be fun!

Come...or Go?

Sorry, I've been gone for awhile. It'll probably take me months of regular writing to gain back my regular audience of 3 readers.

I have no explanation for my absence - but I haven't been reading blogs much either - just running hard at the church. That's not really good. I get less accomplished and feel more frustrated.

For a few months, I've been praying "Come, Holy Spirit." I'm praying that for me, personally. I'm praying that for my church, too. That God's Holy Spirit would surround me, surround our church.

But just a couple of days ago, I've started changing that prayer. I'm wondering if maybe I'm still too involved in the process. Kind of like saying "God, come over here and bless me with your presence." So, I've changed the prayer a bit to "I'll come to your presence."

I crave that so bad in my life, and for our church. I don't want to "go through the motions" in any way. So, "God, I'm seeking your presence!"

Pray along with me, would you?