Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Deck: next up: the FRAME

Well, we did it!
We built a deck. Now, for the uninitiated: the deck is not a bunch of boards off the back of a house on which you place your patio furniture. The deck is basically, the main floor of the house, on which the rest of the house shall be built.
So, let me reiterate: we built a deck last Saturday morning.
I was very proud of CrossRoads - many, perhaps most of the volunteers were from CrossRoads and did an outstanding job. Of course, this is not a contest between churches, but it's nice to represent well.
The important part is this: we started the deck at 8:30 and finished around 11:20 - and we had a ball doing it! Once again, there is nothing so awesome as working side by side for a cause!
Way to go, Church! (That's with a capital C, meaning - the Church United, which by the way is not a soccer team from overseas, but the Church made up of all the different Christ following churches!)
Especially notable: Micah, my son, got to serve with me. And that was fun! He did a great job - worked hard from start to finish and contributed greatly to the cause. I'm a proud dad!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Finally - it's time to build!

Wow - finally - it's here!
Tomorrow - we get to build!
8am - the ground breaking ceremony.
Immediately after - we build the deck (main floor, over the crawl) on which we will build a house!
There is one family that must be beside themselves with excitement and anticipation.
And there are a few church families almost equally as excited!
In one month, they'll move in and we'll move out! A new house!
I love Habitat for Humanity! How cool!
So, tomorrow we start.
Don't bother calling me. I won't hear my cell phone ring over the sound of my Vaughn 23 hitting nails!
However - it's not too late to join in the fun.
Check the Go Factor booth at CrossRoads or, ask me here and I'll help you get connected!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Volunteering At General Conference

So, Thursday was our day to volunteer at the General Conference of the Free Methodist Church held in Spring Arbor, MI. I was given the task of driving a golf cart around the Spring Arbor University campus, shuttling people to and from the different buildings. (Check it out at www.freemethodistchurch.org)

Sometimes what you think is normal turns out to be, uh, not so normal.

So, I'm driving this cart - a 6 seater - and it sputters to a stop and I smell smoke. I comment to myself, out loud, joking: it smells like it's on fire. I get out and look in the back seat, and smoke is pouring out from the engine compartment.

Then, I open it - and flames..."it IS on Fire!"

Boy, do golf carts burn up fast.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Angels in the Attic

So, our build for Habitat for Humanity is quickly approaching. Tomorrow, we introduce our fundraising and prayer support concept. It's pretty cool. Tomorrow, we will begin selling "Angels" - for 5 dollars each.
And here is the cool part: you take your angel, color it, add a prayer or Bible verse or a poem, or your "good wishes" to the family -- and these "angels" will be stapled to the rafters inside the attic. How cool is that? Imagine, going up into the attic to collect your Christmas decorations and seeing again the prayers and well wishes of thousands of people!
So, tomorrow, we introduce the family and begin selling angels. Want to buy one?

Cryderman Cove at Goose Lake

Well, I think Mary told me there were 15 of us at Goose Lake this week.
We ate burgers cooked over the fire, drank lot's of coffee, swam and skiid and tubed and boated and canoed and mowed and rested. It was a good holiday - July 3-5!

Our girls brought friends, Mary and I brought friends, and Mom and Dad showed up and there was a special guest appearance by Uncle Billy!

I skiid hard and fell harder - what a great opening to the ski season!

The boat is in, the dock is in, the grass is mowed - and we're giving keys to the siblings. I hope they'll use the place!


Well, it's been a while and the dust has settled. A few weeks ago, Micah and I went on the most amazing trip. We hiked along the Appalachian Trail in Virginia -- in the Shenendoah Forest. Then, we finished our trip with a lazy tube ride down the Shenendoah river.

We had a blast! We saw two black bear while hiking, and had one bear visit our tent while camping in the "backcountry". That means no people, no campsites, just us and the wilderness -- and one bear. He woke us up -- we heard him sniffing. That was exciting! (okay, scary!)

I took along food for 10 nights and 5 people. There were two of us and we camped 3 nights. We had leftovers.

We saw deer, waterfalls and creeks and lot's of mountainous terrain. Absolutely beautiful.

But the best part, was being with my son for 4 uninterrupted days. No agenda. Just Micah and me. I loved that part the best!