Saturday, February 3, 2007


Jim Moline, of Moline Builders brought his framing team down with us to Pass Christian, MS.

Jim - your guys worked their tails off!

You made us laugh!



jim moline said...

It was such a great time working with everyone at Crossroads. Everyone worked together so well and it was great to get to know people that I only see as a face in the crowd on Sundays. My guys all said they would go back anytime. Thanks for the great time of work, fun and laughter. Jim

Harry Petterson said...

Hey Mark,
I was just browsing the internet when I found this website. You looked like a nice guy so I read and got interested. I love everything you've done i wish to join you sometime.
Harry Petterson

Crydo said...

Thanks Harry,
hope to hear more from you!

Harry Petterson said...

I'd love to hear more stories rom you. Your humour is great.