Monday, February 12, 2007

Changing the World

I was thinking about changing the world. And when I think about that, my head hurts. I mean, where do I start? Certainly, there are lot's of things good about our planet and it's people, but there are many things bad, too.
So, here's the deal: I change the world by impacting one person. Find their need, meet it in the name of Jesus. Boom -- I've changed the world.
Yep. Maybe not the whole world -- but their world. And that's what matters. One need, one person, one world at a time.
Titus 3:8 says "I want you to insist [on these things] so that everyone who trusts in God will be careful to do good deeds all the time. These things are good and beneficial for everyone."
That means -- when you do something good for someone else, it's good for them. It changes their world.
But it means that it's good for you too. It'll change your world, too -- for the better.

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