Thursday, September 16, 2010


Well, yesterday was good. I rode my bike, with saddlebags full of clothes, to Bucky's to breakfast with the men. After - I rode to church and changed my clothes - and had an awesome work day. We're rethinking the way we do groups around here, and elevating the value of community - and so I conducted a few meetings today with our small group leaders, brainstorming on a new way and emphasis. What a great group of people, who heartily jumped into the convo!
Then, back on my bike and a nice ride home - the long route, which took me by the skate park where I munched on a snack and worked on the sermon a bit. Then home for dinner.
Evening meetings filled up the rest of the day - but being in the sunshine a bit was way good.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

For Heidi

Well, Heidi rightly pointed out that I've not posted in "about a year!" and she then asked to at least post a picture of my nostril.

So, since Heidi is the only one that reads this blog... there ya go - enjoy!

So, Heidi - I will once again post regularly. I will tell of my running and biking.

Yesterday, I biked to work - I have new panniers, better known as Saddle Bags. I filled them with books, left my office and went to WaterStreet Coffee and enjoyed 3 hours of uninterrupted study in the outside cafe. Rode my bike home afterwards. Probably 18 miles total. Nice day.
Today, I ran 3+ miles to start the day, and then rode my fully loaded bike to work. Brought a change of clothes with me. Nice.
Last Friday, I rode 33 miles with Clarence, came home and then Mary and I went out for 16 more. We ended up at a nice little (and I mean little!) cemetery to share a coffee and snacks. Nice.
So that's it for now - see ya tomorrow Heidi.
Ya know, we could just talk by phone - but this will work!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bongbong and RiverChurch

Meet Glenda Bongbong of the Philippines.
She needed a loan. Wants to use her motorcycle to transport people. And then, she can pay for her 7 kids schooling and care for them properly. She and her husband Jose, live in Panglao, where the average annual income is only 1,175.00.

Last Sunday at PFM RiverChurch, we pulled the pocket change out of our pockets and dropped it on the floor. We scooped it up, and it was the perfect amount ($55.03) to complete the loan to the Bongbongs so they can provide for their family.

God is good.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Well, it's time to put your work boots on! While we hate to see calamity, it's also a call to action. Jon Hisey is working on a plan, so expect to see more... but for now, here are some details regarding the next relief project.

From Greg Nitchman, in Fayetteville, GA...
Hands of Hope is at the very beginning stages of considering support for Atlanta, GA flood victims. 2800 homes were involved, with 850 totally destroyed and 850 badly damaged. The remainder needs only minor repairs. The majority of these folks do not have flood insurance, therefore they have no way to fund repairs.

The survey question is: "Are you or your teams interested in coming to Atlanta in the next 3-6 months to help rebuild"? Cost would be close to the same as in Mississippi, $20-$30 per person per day*** plus travel.

Again, this is all tentative; we are just exploring the idea, but your feedback on this question will help us decide. One major hurdle is funding for building materials, but we already have several options we are exploring.

Bless you! I Look forward to hearing from you!

***The average Nat'l food consumption is $6.33 per person per day and the average Nat'l energy consumption is $9.00 per day; we would also need to provide paper products, cable tv/internet, cleaning services, Hands of Hope operating costs, etc.).

Monday, October 5, 2009

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Friday, September 11, 2009

Reprinted from the PFM Church Blog...

Yay! Kids' Creek begins this weekend!
This is the big Kickoff - with one combined service at 10am. We'll have the kids lead us in worship, and then after the message (which I am pumped about: Children Matter!) where everyone will get a piece of a puzzle to remember that EVERY child counts - one missing is one too many! And so we will do all we can to help the children in our towns and neighborhoods to come to Jesus! Oh, but I'm getting ahead of myself.
After the message, we'll have an awesome time of prayer, commissioning this new ministry and 'blessing' the children!
Then, an open house in the New Kids' Creek wing - all decorated and beautiful! The kids will meet their teachers, get registered and the full deal happens the next week!
Yay for the awesome volunteers at the awesome Portage Free Methodist Church, where we are learning to act like a River. Wherever the River flows, everything will live!