Saturday, February 10, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith - dead at 39

Well, that was wierd. When I heard on the news that Anna Nicole Smith had died, I felt bad. It's always sad when someone dies a premature death, but I didn't expect to really care.
Not that I've followed her in the news -- she seemed to be everywhere - and always pathetic.
A sad life with a sad ending. Now, my goal here is not to bash Anna Nicole - for I feel badly for everyone in her 'circle'. It's all just...sad.
But the learning for me is this: this is the natural end when life is all about 'me'. When the goal in life is to be famous, big, important, wanted, needed, happy, or fulfilled -- that life will lean towards the pathetic. Sad, frustrated and selfish.
I'm convinced that 'giving' is the better way.
Now, I'm no porn star or billionaire and I'm not famous -- but I recognize the tendancies within that make me want to be 'about me'. And I think 'giving' is the way out!
Today: give. Something, somehow -- give. Try it!


MERGE groupie said...

So sad indeed. You have to wonder if anything would have been different for her if she had been presented with a bold case for her self worth in Jesus Christ. Who knows, maybe she did hear it and chose to ignore but she sure sounded lost and empty to me.

Crydo said...

Self worth indeed! She's probably worth more than many developing countries, but still she was perpetually broken.