Sunday, February 18, 2007

Just a conversation...

Wow, what a weekend!

Afshin Ziafat ( spoke as part of our weekend series dealing with the major faith systems that surround the cross, the star and the crescent. Afshin told his story of growing up Muslim and turning to Christ.
Well, when he was young, he (being from Iran) spoke only Persian. That may be fine if you live in Iran, but Afshin lived in Texas. There was this lady, an American, who met with him in order to teach him English. Over time, she gained his trust and offered him a Bible.
10 years later, he read it and put his faith in Jesus. And then, there's a whole lot more of the story (but that is not my point here, so you better just buy the DVD!)
Here's the point. The lady. She met with him (he was only a child) and loved him enough to care for his need (learning English) and ended up giving him a whole lot more!
We had two organizations who joined our GO factor initiative today.
1- American School for Women and Children ( - and they offer English classes to immigrant women.
2- American Language Institute ( - which offers conversation partners to students at the University of Toledo, who are from other countries and who are learning English.
Both of these organizations have found a huge opportunity to minister to people from the Middle East!
Sometimes it only starts with a conversation.
Teaching English to someone might not seem all that wild and crazy. But your love for people can become very real -- just by making conversation!
Go for it!

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