Monday, June 25, 2007

Hero's of the Barn Raising

First, there is Dick Rollins! This guy is incredible -- I am amazed at his continual ability to be happy and generous. Of course, I think those two attributes almost always go together. Dick was the "head honcho" - and gave overall leadership to the Barn Raising at the Dodd's farm.

And then, there is Paul. Paul is Dick's friend - who is the expert in "barn building". Time and again I thought "this will never work" and Pauls ideas always came through. It's fun to have an expert. Again - he came up to the farm several times before the "build" and stayed for the full three days. Thanks Paul!

And of course, there is always - Jon. Wherever there is help needed, Jon shows up. Whenever there is a need - Jon steps in. And wherever Jon is, there is laughter. Thanks Jon!

Without these three - the barn would still be just a dream.

And now, it's reality!

I never intended this to be a 'go factor' project. After all - this is for family.

But really - these three (and many others from CrossRoads) overruled me - and taught me that 'going' can even be for people like, well, me.

The church is an amazing thing - and that's because it's made up of amazing people -- touched by God. Yay God!

Thanks dudes!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Hiking the AT

While this has nothing to do with the GO factor - it will explain my absence.
Tomorrow morning my favorite son and I will travel to Virginia. There we will enter the Shenendoah National Forest. And then, we shall hike for 5 days on the Appalachian Trail!
Five days. We've packed our packs - with food and clothes. I can't wait to dive into the 3 pound "yard o beef". I'm not kidding.
We have a tent, and tiny sleeping bags. My pack weighs in at 37 pounds and Micah's at 31. 8-10 miles a day. The plan is simple. Hike 40 miles one way and hitch hike back.
I can't wait.
I am not taking my laptop. But I am taking a machete!
So, see you in a week!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Three Amiglettes

I'm not sure if there's any more to say.

My New 7th Grader

Well, just before 6th grade graduation, Kenna plays with her sister in the mud.

Then, it's time to get ready for ending her elementary career.

Wow! What a difference!
Congratulations Kennababe!

We Have a Date!

So people! Put this date on your calender!
October 20-27, 2007.

The fine people at CrossRoads church will be leading a team to Haiti!

(Did you know Haiti is no longer one of the 50 United States?) (In fact, it never was.) (The things you learn from an encyclopedia!) (Why am I writing in parentheses?)

Anyway, we'll be going to Haiti to provide free eyecare/vision fixing for those in need. While we've never done this before, I have friends who have, and we can expect to fit 300-400 folks with eyeglasses in a week! That means, people will come to our clinic, have an eye exam, receive a free pair of glasses, and go home ABLE TO SEE! yay!

Doctor John Shaw (my personal optometrist: he helped me get contacts -- and I HAVE AN ASTIGMATISM!) plans on being our missionary doctor for the week - and I can't wait!

My other good friend, Eric Messer - he's putting this trip together. GO ERIC!

We'll be working alongside some awesome people: our Missionaries to Haiti - Gregg and Gail Ennis. Yay G&G! (That's them in the picture.)

So, the lineup for this trip is getting pretty long. It seems like everyone wants to go to Haiti! Why? I think, because they realize the need. And because, as my Dad told me, "God is always where the need is...ALWAYS!"

The One Go Factor Blog Reader Requests a New Post

Well, this weekend we will feature International Childcare Ministries at the Go Factor booth.
Have you adopted a child yet?
21 dollars a month is all it costs, and ICM has the highest "to child" value out there. That is, ICM has the lowest "administration" costs - so almost all of your 21 dollars goes to the child. This provides schooling, clothes - and more than that, the sense that "she is not alone in her poverty."
I'm proud of the Free Methodist church for putting this together!