Monday, February 12, 2007


So, I have a friend.

Really. His name is Bill and he's on staff at CedarCreek church in Perrysburg, Ohio.

And, there are two strange things about him.
First, he doesn't really like coffee. I'm so shallow, that that would normally mean I'd never want to hang out with the person again.

And the second wierd thing is - he doesn't wear his own shirt.

Bill is different.

He's a world changer. An "I don't care who get's the credit" world changer. And that's the best kind.

He told me once that he loves to help his church connect with other churches and organizations that are doing "world changing" stuff, and help support what they're doing.

And here's the coolest part: when he and his church people help another church do something cool, he has his people wear shirts from the other peoples church. Did that make sense?

Let me try again. His CedarCreek gang don't wear CedarCreek shirts when they help another church. Instead, they wear shirts that promote the church they are helping.

It's his way of saying "I'm all about the Kingdom!"

Right on!

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