Friday, May 25, 2007

New Study: Elephant milk

So, I found this news report absolutely incredible. Kind of scary too.

They fed elephant milk to this baby, and in less than a month, she gained over 250 pounds.

Yeah, it was a baby elephant.

Friday, May 18, 2007


There's just nothing like framing a house that puts your world in order!

This last week has been busy -- and fun! Last Friday and Saturday I was privileged to work alongside other incredible Habitat for Humanity volunteers and frame a couple of houses in Monroe! Those H4H people do it right -- lot's of volunteers, food, well organized -- wow!

Wednesday and Thursday I enjoyed installing drywall -- there's just nothing like 'getting in the groove' - with screws flying and dust swirling -- and a house raising up before our eyes.

Props to Dick Rollins, Dustin, Jesse and the others I worked alongside! (Did I just say 'props'? btw, that means "proper respect". Since I now have used that word, it will certainly be taken off of the list of 'cool slang words')

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Spiderman, Cryderman

Well - this weekend should be fun! I get to preach on Spiderman, which rhymes with Cryderman... hmmm.

The "subject" is "Overcoming your Family's Dark Side". The connection for me is this quote from 3 -- "Every hero has a choice to face the darkness or be consumed by it."

Anyway, I'm growing in enthusiasm over this message. I've chosen to make it simple. The concept is this: Whenever I find myself in darkness, I must move into the light.

And we do, don't we? Some of us find ourselves in a family with a dark side -- we ignore it, or avoid it, and we hope no one ever knows about it. But sometimes, the dark side is "us" - we have a dark side (that of course influences our relationships with others).

Either way, victory is found when we move toward the light. There's no reason to stay in the darkness - and you can find victory over yours!

But it's a battle - and it won't be easy. Are you willing to try? Go for it!