Saturday, February 3, 2007

Go Expo

We had a great meeting this morning, thanks to a Bavarian Cream donut (thanks Eric!) and some Tim Horton's coffee.
Wow, am I blessed with an amazing team.
Two weeks ago, we hosted an amazing day at CrossRoads, called "The GO Expo" and had 22 organizations from around Toledo, Southeast Michigan, and around the world host tables. We dismissed from church early (not as early as I meant to!) in order to give our people time to talk with the different representatives. There were 12 groups in the Auditorium and 10 in the Concourse. We also had 4000 TimBits (thanks Tim Hortons for the delivery!)
Wow -- the people (way to go, CrossRoads!) hung around and talked and signed up! Every host had at least one new volunteer join them in their quest to make this world a better place.
I love this new initiative -- we don't just say "Hey, get out there and change the world!", but we say "I'll help you change the world!" How cool is that?
So, Habitat for Humanity, Red Cross, Katrina Relief, Somerset Beach Campground, International Childcare, Haitians in Florida, Interfaith Hospitality Network, Love, Inc. and many many more all have new CrossRoads volunteers. Thanks people! Let's change the world!
What a great leadership team we have at CrossRoads -- beginning with our lead Pastor - Glenn Teal -- You dudes and dudettes ROCK! Thanks for making this possible!

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