Friday, October 31, 2008

Adam and Eve

Yeah, we had Trunk or Treat at Portage Free Methodist tonight. An amazing job by the church. Just under 1000 and very organized and planned out. First there was the cool entry through the tent. Then, the trunks full of treats. From there the kids went into the Auditorium for a 10 minute drama and short gospel presentation (101 Dalmation theme, Drama: Beyond the Fence, written by our very own drama team) and then down to the gym for snacks and some amazing games, a huge-mongous 'refridgerator box maze' and all kinds of other great things. Very, very well done - "Props" to Portage!

And of course, Mary and I were there, dressed as Adam and Eve. A fun night!

New Personal Record

Quick update...

Mary and I finished our last run for the month - a quick 4 miler.

That gives me 104 for the month - a new personal record!

Tally: 844 miles on the year, which means I have only to average 78 miles per month for the last two -- yay!

The cool news is this: Mary has done an amazing job running.

She's not just a "beginner" any more - a real road warrior, and it's noticable when I gaze upon here lovely body.

Uh, too much info - sorry.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Some of us whistle, others...

Too much time on his hands - but cool none the less!

Check this out...

Friday, October 24, 2008


Someone put this stuff in the box marked

It's obvious that I'm getting old.
I'm eating dogfood for breakfast.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008

Women Don't Understand

So, Mary and I were working on our house the other day. We both have projects galore - lot's of things to get done.

Mary of course, has painted the girls rooms, our room, the bathroom and the family room. So now, we move outside.

A Saturday.

Mary - she's going to paint the house!

Me - I'm working on the garage.

At the end of the day, Mary shows me around the house - nicely cut in, the new paint looks terrific against the brick and white trim.

Then she asks: what did you get done?

Excitedly, I bring her to the garage and show her my handiwork.

It took me all afternoon - and I was proud. The compressor, nicely hid and the air hose ready for work.

Mary's response: "You coiled a hose? I painted the house and you coiled a hose?"

Women, they don't understand garages.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Go Where No Man Has Gone Before

Captain Kirk has nothing on me.
A few weeks ago, I went jogging. A nice Saturday afternoon, leisurely 5 miler, to pray and think through the next days sermon.
1 1/2 miles in, I felt a little cramp in my belly and thought "hmmm, that's not good. I wonder if I should turn back?" Quickly I answered myself: "No way, I don't turn back!"
Every 1/2 mile after that, the cramps got worse. At the turn, half way through the run, the thought hit me: "I may not make it." The question of returning to my home was not the point. The question of making back to my home AND to my bathroom was seriously in doubt.
I thought of the run still before me. A long, straight road. No trees for more than half a mile. Hmmmm.
I kept running.
I kept looking for trees. Finally: There's one! Not enough coverage.
There's another: I'd be way too obvious. The cramps are hitting now, harder and harder. My breathing is shallow, I'm breaking out in a sweat. I'm taking small little tiny strides, but still - nature is winning the battle.
Finally, I remember. A few hundred yards, and there is an abandoned, decrepit old barn. I'll aim at that.
Finally! I jump off the road and over the fence - I'm sprinting now, to the barn. I am not going to make it!
Thankfully, there is a huge maple tree just ahead - perhaps I can make it there.
Barely if you know what I mean.
Approaching the tree is an explosion like none other.
Now, I'm behind the tree and trying to finish well. This is not a good scene.
A car is coming, so now I'm hiding and...
He's gone - now: to the Barn.
I spring as best I can, to the barn and make it inside. Safe. And now to survey the damage.
Well, the damage is, uh, pretty bad.
Using my T-shirt, I clean off best I can.
Then, I make my way back out to the road.
1 and a half miles to go.
I finish the run, careful not to wipe my sweating brow with my t-shirt.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Friend Day at Your Church...

This video has gone crazy - but in case you haven't yet seen it - enjoy! Listen for the words "he is like a mountie, he always gets his man!" (Yay Canada!)


I was at the Good to Go cafe in beautiful downtown Vicksburg for some coffee and studying the other day - props to G2G for some great coffee and ambiance! - and I heard this funny song. Here's the link - enjoy!