Monday, August 27, 2007

Coming Trips

So, We are going back to Pass Christian for some awesome Katrina Relief.

My good friends Greg and Ellen will be leading the trip - which at this point is slated for November 4-11. Wanna go? Let me know!


My other good friend, Eric, is taking a team of CrossRoadsians to Haiti to put donated glasses on the poorest of the poor who cannot afford vision correction. I can't wait to hear them read John 3:16 (the final vision test!)

Wanna go? Let me know!


Kulio said...

Keep writing Crydo!!!

Is it too late to donate old glasses frames?

peace and love,

Crydo said...

Never too late.

Kulio said...

okay cool.

question -- I see you wrote 6 posts in June, 7 in July, and 8 in August.

Does this have any cosmic significance?

thank you.

Crydo said...