Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Summit

Hey dudes and dudettes,

We just finished an amazing time at the Leadership Summit - put on by the Willow Creek Association. We went to the site closest to us - at CedarCreek church in Perrysburg.

Wow - once again, this has been a knock my socks off experience. It's amazing how God brings together the entire summit just for me! It seems like every speaker shared stuff that I needed to hear, I love when God does that!

Last year, the Summit inspired us to begin the "Go Factor" here at CrossRoads - so there is some expectation as to what will come of this years'.

Well, the over riding "theme" seemed to be about corporate vision and ownership. We all have a part to play in the Kingdom - and in hearing from God on how we are to accomplish his mission for us.

I think the most exciting days are ahead of us -- as we "clean up" our focus as a church and march forward arm in arm.

Yay God!

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