Friday, September 14, 2007

Car Show!

Well, this will be fun!
A couple hundred cars and motorcycles.
Jimmy Johns Subs and Marcos Pizza.
Thousands of people.
Add in some blow up games, cotton candy and face painting.
And then there's the amazing program called "Open Road" in the auditorium!
Sunday, 9-3 - come check it out!


Rick Velich said...

My neighbors, who brought 4 vehicles total (all cool, older Mustangs) were disappointed we did not have barbequed chicken. Perhaps next year you could plink a couple of those turkey buzzards you saw at the lake?
My apologies to Mr. Bridge and Mark E. for the lack of car show chicken.

Crydo said...

We were all disappointed. Monroe county won't let us cook anything until our water situation is fixed.
To make matters worse, we located a chicken vendor -- but it was too late!

LiveToRideBobsHD said...

Lot of great looking cars and bikes. Loved the music too. Just in case we cant do the chicken dinners next year, let me suggest City BBQ on Central Ave. They have awesome pulled pork sandwiches and BBQ chicken. All the volunteers did a great job.