Sunday, March 18, 2007

Welcome Home!

Well, here we are! Check out the floor and the walls! You may remember that under the direction of Jim Moline and his amazing framing crew, we built a couple of houses last January. This is one of them.
And we had the privilege of painting the inside and laying a beautiful floor throughout! The house is nearly finished!
Not only did we paint, do flooring and hang lights, but we were privileged to work on another house too! Over there, we installed insulation and then drywalled the entire house!
What a week! And what a crew!
The premise under which I've worked continues to prove itself true: When people work side by side on a mission, they grow close to each other!
Here's a rag tag group of people from a variety of different backgrounds -- and after only a day or so of working alongside each other, we felt like brothers and sisters -- brothers and sisters who loved each other!
Here's the deal: Do you want to have good friends? Then commit yourself to Mission Living -- and you'll find amazing friendship as a byproduct. Plus, you'll do the world and the cause of Christ a whole lot of good! To God be the glory!

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