Friday, March 9, 2007

A Little Bit of Everything!

Wow -- how cool is this?

Our team met each other on Wednesday night, and introduced ourselves to one another.

On the team there is...

1 Paramedic (just in case!)

1 Dental Hygenist (in case we bust our teeth)

1 Physical Therapist (for those sore muscles)

1 Pastor (for emergency sermon giving)

Some of the team are new to CrossRoads, and others are old, uh, they've been here awhile.

There are some men, a woman and two teen girls.

I think that we've pretty much got all of the bases covered.

Uh, none of us are professional carpentry people. But that won't be a problem! We've got passion!

Those who couldn't go have provided us with a 15 passenger van, and more than 200 dollars for gas!

Yesterday, I went to SAM's and stocked up on snacks.

I can't wait!


Crydo said...

By the way, I used my own money for the snacks! ha!

Anonymous said...

Yes but will you eat nonDaniel-fast snacks before Wednesday afternoon?


Angela said...

i bet your girls are doing an amazing job!