Sunday, March 4, 2007


Wow! What a morning! Glenn (our Lead Pastor here at CrossRoads) gave a great talk about money. Money either controls us, or we control it. Ever wondered what the secret is? It's generosity! Generosity is the key to winning that battle of who controls who?

What a simple secret -- generous living frees us from being controlled, it changes the world, and it's FUN!

Thanks Glenn, thanks God, for life changing stuff! Try giving something away today -- and see how it feels!


larchmeany said...

Good message today...made us talk about what we were doing...and what we should be doing. I am not doing enough. I think it's not so much a lack of a generous spirit...I think I was one of the "have nots" for so long that I still give as if I am a "have not". This was a good wake up call for us...and it was presented in a great's not that the church needs money, it's the fact that we need to be more giving people. Makes sense.

Ernie B said...

Well I would trade vehicles again but you got rid of the gas hog! IN gods world we own nothing.. If we do have something we are to share. Its sad that it doesnt always work that way, but it should!