Monday, March 5, 2007

Going, going, gone!

Hey, another way to help change the world!
This morning, my wife shouted out: "I'm going to lead a Relay for Life team in Bedford this year." Bedford's "race" is held on May 19-20 and is at Bedford Community Stadium. Last year was the first time Bedford held a Relay for Life "race" and it was pretty exciting.
The concept is simple: in a fun way (walking!) we raise money for the American Cancer Society to fight cancer. Luminaries are sold, to memorialize former Cancer fighters, and that also brings in some needed dough. It's a very worthwhile weekend -- exciting, fun, and all for a great cause.
What gives Mary the right to jump on this bandwagon? Well, just over a year ago, Mary went through some pretty amazing surgeries in her battle with Breast Cancer. And a few months ago, the doc gave us the "all clear" sign -- we won!
You know, I think that all people, especially Christians, ought to do everything they can --"doing good" in this world. So, why not walk for an hour (or more!).
If you're not walking this year for someone else, why not do it for Mary? And then, you may find that in actuality, your 'steps' will help someone else who needs it!


larchmeany said...

I may be interested. It depends on our track schedule, but I still think I could swing it. I will talk to Jen, too. Let me know some of the details...I'll hunt down Mary Sunday.

Crydo said...

It'll be fun! Have you ever been to one of these before? I've been to a couple and they're pretty cool -- kind of community at it's best.

Ernie B said...

I want Luminaries!!!! call me! Mary Rules!!!!

Morgan said...

This will be Bedfords third year holding the relay. It is an amazing experience I encourage everyone to stop out at the stadium that day/night if your not actually walking in it.