Friday, February 27, 2009

Daniel Fast

Well, here we are in the Daniel Fast.
Yesterday, McKenna asked me why we fast? Great question. Without thinking about it, one could fall quickly into some kind of "works righteousness" deal. You know, hoping that God will love you more because you're sacrificing. Or, a "this for that" kind of thing - "Maybe God will give me what I want if he sees how much pain I'm in..."
I like this explanation though: To gain control over my own appetites - so that nothing drives me except for God. Philippians 3:19 talks about how our god can be our appetite - and I've found that's pretty true. Lot's of things can become my god - even food! Mary makes fun of me for always having a pocket full of snacks, wherever I go. It's true. My car has candy. My pockets have candy. Every jacket of mine has something to munch on. Hmm - deep problems!
So - the Daniel Fast is reminding me that I can trust God, no matter what.
I'm still not sure what to do about the caffeine headache - but I'll manage.


kool kenna said...

i see... very nice

Heidi Lee said...

Someday...someday I'll do it.

Your my hero!

Anonymous said...

I hear Postum is a great coffee substitute. Have you tried it?

Crydo said...

Postum! It tastes just like Possum.