Sunday, March 1, 2009

Call Me Jacob

Whenever I've preached about Jacob (the Bible dude), I've portrayed him as a "deceiver" (that's what his name means) - who pulls a lot of shady deals to get what he wants. I always thought he was kind of the booger of the two brothers.
But recently, I've started seeing a different side of him.
I find my heart has begun to connect with him, in a way.
I like his "wrestling" scene with God: he wrestles God for a blessing. He wants God's blessing so bad that we won't let go. God finally gives him his blessing.
Lately - I've found myself praying for a blessing from God. God has given me so much: an incredible home - a super city/community - a wonderful church to serve.
We're very comfortable and happy. All of those things that one wants: we have.
But I've been praying that God will bless us with new believers at our church.
Lot's of them.
I've been to every section in the hospital, and my favorite is the maternity ward. That always makes me smile.
And so, the DF prayer focus I'm on right now - is the Jacobizing of Mark.
I've been praying hard for focus for our church. And I won't let go. Until He answers...and then - I still won't let go.


Kulio said...

Don't let go.

I believe that God is going to feel your tenacity, and that you are going to feel your own tenacity, and that that is going to be like some kind of super-magnet that will draw people in, because people sense stuff like purpose, and integrity, and tenaciousness, and people want to know that there is something worth holding on to.

Brent said...

I really like your image, and in this post season of MHSAA wrestling, I say: Go to the mat, Mark.

People will pick up on your intentions, purpose and drive as they see you humbly reflecting the God you serve.