Friday, January 25, 2008

More Emails!

From Eric, our team leader...

Hey Mark,

Here is a quick update. The trip went well. We got to our hotel in Miami at 2 a.m. everyone wanted to shower and catch some shut eye before we flew out to Haiti. We were at the airport at 5:15 and on our plane at 6:30. They told me to look for Theodore when we got our luggage. I found him and for $20.00 we completely bypassed customs and he took us straight to Gregg Ennis. Everyone rode with Gregg except me. I rode with the local minister, Charity Noel. Your grandpa ordained him as an elder in the church. He said that your father has given him a ride from Indianapolis to Spring Arbor before. He is a very nice man and had some pretty wild stories. He has been a preacher for 33 years. His daughter is in NY getting her masters and his son is going to be a doctor. He starts his residency here at Dessalines next year. The poverty here is very extreme. 2 out of 3 babies die by the age of 3. The average age of a pregnant female is 13. The average man lives till 47 and the average female lives till 52. Gregg and Gail have worked here for 22 years. The quarters they have here are quiet nice. We had a Haitian chicken meal with rice and beans for dinner it was rather good. We are in a compound which seems rather secure. There is a disco tech next door and they are really partying it up tonight. There are no speed limit signs on the roads and no stop signs or lights. Their roads are about 60% covered. There are some very beautiful places by the ocean owned by rich people. We saw quite a few UN troops and very few police. I attached some pictures that Dave took. I have no idea the specifics since my upidstay computer won't let me view them and took me 30 minutes to attach these enjoy. :-) There is great need here and a people that are longing to hear the good news because most of what they get is bad news. pep ietian mwa foo pu u. I can see why Gregg and Gail have devoted their lives to helping God's children here. God has blessed us with an exceptional team to Haiti. We all get along very well and I sense a longing from this team to serve God's children in Haiti with the love of the Lord. I have kept a constant eye on the women to assure that they are not in any immediate danger. They are awesome! I have never served with women that long to serve so much and not worry about controlling events around them. The church, this mission team, and Haiti have been truly blessed with having them here with us. Jamie Casper has fit right into the team. with his previous experience he provides a sense of continuity with the work that we need to do and our longing to do it correctly to be blessing to Haiti. thank you for the opportunity to serve God and our congregation in this task of utmost importance to God and his children.

In Christ,

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