Monday, June 25, 2007

Hero's of the Barn Raising

First, there is Dick Rollins! This guy is incredible -- I am amazed at his continual ability to be happy and generous. Of course, I think those two attributes almost always go together. Dick was the "head honcho" - and gave overall leadership to the Barn Raising at the Dodd's farm.

And then, there is Paul. Paul is Dick's friend - who is the expert in "barn building". Time and again I thought "this will never work" and Pauls ideas always came through. It's fun to have an expert. Again - he came up to the farm several times before the "build" and stayed for the full three days. Thanks Paul!

And of course, there is always - Jon. Wherever there is help needed, Jon shows up. Whenever there is a need - Jon steps in. And wherever Jon is, there is laughter. Thanks Jon!

Without these three - the barn would still be just a dream.

And now, it's reality!

I never intended this to be a 'go factor' project. After all - this is for family.

But really - these three (and many others from CrossRoads) overruled me - and taught me that 'going' can even be for people like, well, me.

The church is an amazing thing - and that's because it's made up of amazing people -- touched by God. Yay God!

Thanks dudes!


kool kenna said...

The real hero was really Mark Cryderman. He was amazing. I watched him work non stop the whole weekend. Thanks Mark. I love you. mary

JLuke said...

sounds like it was a great success! I wish I could have been there, but had to do the St.Pete thing. I got the detailed report from cousin Ernie. Great job!

Anonymous said...

I wish I had been there! Karen told me about it, but I had to pet-sit that weekend. I enjoyed helping in MS, and I love barns and horses. So I was disappointed that I already had other commitments on Saturday. I'm glad it went well though!