Friday, October 31, 2008

New Personal Record

Quick update...

Mary and I finished our last run for the month - a quick 4 miler.

That gives me 104 for the month - a new personal record!

Tally: 844 miles on the year, which means I have only to average 78 miles per month for the last two -- yay!

The cool news is this: Mary has done an amazing job running.

She's not just a "beginner" any more - a real road warrior, and it's noticable when I gaze upon here lovely body.

Uh, too much info - sorry.


Kulio said...

hee hee hee...

nice one.

I just love that pic.

GOOD JOB!!! That's amazing.

So where did you go? I got a map from AAA and tried to walk to Quebec once. Didn't make it. Pooped out in Toronto.

Jim said...

Stop that talk your a Pastor!!!

Heidi Lee said...

Yep. I love the pic of your "twin" too Mark. You've always reminded me of Tom Hanks anyway.

And great job to Mary too!! You hottie!