Sunday, July 27, 2008


Pastor Kevin worked hard on a video that we used last weekend, as part of the message. It was very "tongue in cheek", mind you. The concept was, I will tell my story, because that's the story I know best - but my story actually reveals God's grace. So, while I may talk about me, it's really all about Him!
From now on, whenever I tell a story - one where I am a character - I'll be sure to connect the dots to reveal God's grace. You too?
Check out the video:
From now on, if you want to see any video we show at Portage Free Methodist Church, simply go to and search for pfmc!


Heidi Lee said...

WOW! Sounds like awesome things are already happening in Portage. You rock brother! I love you! And your cute face on my blog that I look at EVERY day.

mrsstanps said...

Hi Mark and Mary....long time no talk! It's Laura and Stan from WFMC from way back. We had a youth minister come to our church who reminded me of you and I thought I'd see if I could find you. Looks like you are doing well and still sharing the Lord. :o) We are doing well here...still in Missouri keeping busy with kiddo's, church and life.

Write when you can!
Laura, Stan, Megan, Katy, Rebekah and Joshua

clear-az-day said...

Be blessed in this new place God has brought you to. I miss you guys a lot. All I could think about was the Crmerine day. :) You are all very special.

Rick said...

Hey Mark! I hope all is going well in your new home and church. Sounds like a great message. Funny, I never thought of myself as important enough to have a story, but you're right, we all do and, they're all God's. Say hello to Mary and the kids for me, especially that Kenna chica! Keeping up the running? I have only ran twice since the marathon. Something about running a marathon with a broken leg not being good for the anatomy?!?

Anyway, just checkin in on y'all. Blessings to you and the fam!

Rick Velich

ps - Did you end up getting the house with the hot tub? Tammy will be so all over me about that if you did! She so wants one! LOL

Crydo said...

Yeah, we got the house.
However, we're still waiting for the bank to do it's work!
We miss you guys!

PAULA said...

Mark - should have called..there is this MBT banker I know...God bless you guys!