Thursday, July 17, 2008


Hey - we sold our home!

Yay to God! We accepted an offer, (Thanks Dan - you put the "Dan" back into "Danberry!") on a Thursday and closed two weeks and one day later! Wow!

And then, we went house-hunting in Portage. While we've been doing internet searches like crazy, this was our first day to actually go inside these homes.

Clarence - YOU ROCK! - took us through 11 of our favorite homes last Monday.

We came back on Wednesday to tour this one again.

I ran to see Greg at Bank of America and got my pre-approval for the loan and we made an offer on this house Wednesday evening.

So now, we're waiting.

Pray with us, won't you? We think this will be a fantastic ministry home and a wonderful place for our kids. Plus, Mary and I like it alot!


Molly said...

We're praying for you! I hope you get the house :)

Smith Gallery Photography said...

is there room for Andrew, Ailey and I to sleep in the backyard when we miss you guys too much!?!

looks great- praying....