Friday, December 28, 2007

My Papa!

I bought my Dad a hammer for Christmas.
Of course, he already has a hammer - if you count a 16 oz claw hammer.
I bought my Dad a real hammer.
A 20 oz. framing hammer.
Because he's offered to go to Mississippi with me to help build houses.
This is my way of assuring he'll go.
So, sometime this winter - we'll build a house together.
I can't wait!
Oh yeah - Dad is preaching for me this weekend. I've had quite a long run and am ready for a break. So Dad is preaching on "The Mulligan". He's reminding us that life is like golf - that because of God's grace, we get to "try over" whenever we need.
Thanks God!
And Thanks Dad!


Kulio said...

Oh cool!!!!

larchmeany said...

I like your dad. Great much did you pay him to avoid telling more Mark stories...the number of which must be nearing infinity?