Monday, December 17, 2007

Eric the Entertainer

So this is Eric. This is a picture of Eric, UNDER the house that the rest of our team was building in Pass Christian, Mississippi. Why is he under the house?

Well, it was a job that needed to be done (hurricane clips from underneath). While everyone else was up above, basking in the sun and lifting 2x4's and all, Eric did the "grunt work" of crawling around, pounding nails while crouched in wierd positions.

All the while, Eric made us laugh. He's funny and fun and doesn't push for his own way or try to sweet talk his way to the top. Eric is humble.

And now, Eric is leading the GO Factor initiative while I give direction to the church.

There is a reason I chose Eric. It's not just because he's a little crazy and a lot funny - altho those are both true.

It's not just because he has tons of extra time on his hands, which, he doesn't - he's very busy.

It IS because he really cares. Cares enough to actually push through all the "pitfalls" that come with leadership. He cares enough to answer all the red flags that pop up. He cares enough to get the job done.

Right now, Eric is working on a team that will leave for Haiti early in the new year. While in Haiti, they will deliver a few thousand pair of glasses, and fit hundreds of "sight impaired" people (like myself) with glasses that they would never be able to afford.

Think about this: To take a team to Haiti, one must find an eye doctor, find dates when people can go, handle the danger of traveling to a country like Haiti, get passports, find a way to raise money for plane tickets, collect thousands of pair of glasses, have those glasses checked and labeled (which he did almost singlehandedly, along with his family!), and then, clear away everything else (like work and hobbies) that could get in the way of the actual trip.

So, Eric and his team are leaving early next year for Haiti.

Hundreds will find sight because of Eric and his passion to help.

Think about this for a moment: How often have you wanted to do something nice for someone else - send a card, make a phone call or build them a new garage? There are always things that get in the way, aren't there? Important things like family and church, or unimportant things like "The Amazing Race" or "Survivor".

Leaders find a way to get things done - AND do the important things.

Thanks Eric!


kool kenna said...

hey I could have gotten that job, but nooo you go and pick Eric. tphhhh.


larchmeany said...

Hey, Mark...Great message Sunday...Michealanglo was an educational connection, but Waldo was pure genius. It was a really great message overall...I would say one of your best to date. Have a great Christmas with your family.

Crydo said...

I discovered that thought in one of John Ortberg's books -- God is good!

Kulio said...

Wow what a great resume Eric has...working in the shadows and on the foundation instead of waving the flag at the top - cool!