Monday, May 19, 2008

Married to My Hero

She battled cancer with confidence and grace.
She prayed and believed.
And she won!
And the Relay for Life people found out and invited her to speak in the opening ceremonies at the Relay in Bedford last weekend.
Great words, Mary. And you surprised me with nice words about me - thanks! Yet another reason to love you!
God is good!


kool kenna said...

yay mommy!

larchmeany said...

Cool event. I will gladly taunt students into dunking me if it will bring in the cash. Mary does rock, doesn't she?

mcryderman said...

She Rocks!

Robin said...

She TOTALLY rocks. And who's the stunning blonde standing next to her? ;)

Kulio said...

Go Mary! Glad it went so well!

Crydo said...

The one and only Rebecca Reigner - morning anchor at 13abc Toledo!

Robin said...

LOL. Rebecca must have good genes.