Saturday, February 2, 2008

And Back to the Pass!

Here's Ted.

Ted is leading our next trip to "the Pass".

Ted is a Mississippi Veteran - He's gone on a bunch of trips, plus he helped build the barn last summer!

Here's what I like about Ted: He does not push his way to the front, but works on whatever job is presented to him. He just serves. I love that.

And I also love seeing others lead - Thanks Ted!

I can't wait to serve alongside you again, in Mississippi!

The trip is February 10-17 and will be another exciting adventure! Yay!


Broderick said...

He is also a great softball coach. It has been a pleasure being on his team the past 4 or 5 years.

Crydo said...

A multi-talented dude, for sure!

riahbell said...


alex said...

i met ted down there and i know he did great work. hooray for ted!

Crydo said...

That's the title of my next book: "Hooray for Ted!"

kool kenna said...

hahahah. . . wait your NEXT book. theres not even a first, is there?